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A very eccentric independent label run by Johnny "R". This label consistenly produces innovative material, which at times can be ruthlessly anti-commercial. (not entirely on purpose either). The label has worked with many artists using or fusing many styles of music. Apart from the underground groups and collaborations, the label's other projects are the Waw Ffactor and Pic Nic, that are more commercially appealing. Yet both groups can be listened to on two (or more) levels, which is why an R-Bennig record is always intriguing and becomes even more so when listened to repeatedly. The Waw Ffactor, which is fronted by actress and singer Rachel Carpenter, has achieved success in both Wales and on the European continent.

Most of the records in the back catalogue are either not available any more, or are not distributed by the label itself. Recent releases should be available from Welsh shops, and for further information you should contact R-Bennig on the phone number given below.

Have a look at the label's official web site

Phone / Fax
+44 (0)1523 103 727
Catalogue numberYearArtistTitle
R-BEN 005 (7")1991A5"Amser Y Mis"
R-BEN 014 (MC)1991Pyw Dall/A5Gwallgo
R-BEN 017 (12")1992Y Pregethwr"Hardd Côr"
R-BEN 019 (MC)1992A5Ecsentrig
R-BEN 020 (MC)1992VariousTanddaearol Iawn!
R-BEN 022 (MC)1992VariousEgni #3
R-BEN 023 ? (MC)1993VariousEgni #4
R-BEN 024 (12")1993Y PregethwrPregethwr II
R-BEN 025 (12")1993A5Adroddiad Du
R-BEN 026 (MC)1993Mr. "R" / Catrin C.I.A.Ysbryd Newydd
R-BEN 027 (7")1993Y Waw Ffactor"Ysgafnach na Dwr" E.P.
R-BEN 028 LP (MC)1994Y Waw FfactorLibido
R-BEN 029 CD1994Y Waw FfactorDeheuwynt E.P.
R-BEN 030 (MC)1995R-BennigLovespoon Economy Vol 1
R-BEN 034 (CD)1995Y Waw FfactorSwynedig / Spellbound
R-BEN 035 (7")1996WelsherParanoia (Cefn Gwlad)
R-BEN 037 (10")1996Y PregethwrPregethwr III (+ Owain Meredith) - "Annwyl Hehudi" (Sara Mix)
R-BEN 038 CD1996A5"Marigolds Melyn"
R-BEN 039 CD1997Pic NicPic Nic E.P.

last updated: 5 October 1999